Thursday, August 07, 2008

Making the most of the recent Malaysian business fiascoes

Rather than point fingers over the recent fiascoes of Hytex/Nike and Ego snack foods, I thought a post on how some of you might benefit from these two otherwise embarrassing incidents for malaysian businesses would be more helpful.

So for the enterprising among you, here are two ventures you might want to embark on:

1)Manufacture Lead-detecting devices

With the lax food hygiene enforcement in this country, who knows whether the next lollipop your child is sucking on is laced with heavy metal poison? After all, if the Americans hadn’t found out about the lead in Ego’s snacks, wouldn’t we have continued selling it happily at all our supermarkets and petronas kedai mesra???

Solution: Imagine the millions you’ll make with your new lead detecting device in a country where food safety is something the government looks at when something disastrous happens.

2)Foreign Worker Accommodation Inspector

Hytex recently made the news when Nike said it was investigating foreign worker abuse by this Malaysian garment maker. Better known for its World of Cartoons stores, Hytex was probably doing what many Malaysian companies take as the norm when it comes to the treatment of foreign workers.

Solution: Start up an agency and sell your services to the myriad foreign manufacturers to inspect and grade the facilities of their prospective contract manufacturing partners in Malaysia before they award their plump contracts to them. The fee you charge will be peanuts compared to the millions of dollars they could lose should a fiasco like this happen again.

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