Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Should Tony Fernandes host his own "The Apprentice" show?

And why not, this blogger asks.

Mr Air Asia has enough celebrity status to pull off a show in Malaysia which would most likely air on 8TV.

His challenges could include:

1) Run a Tune Hotel.
2) Manage AirAsia inflight sales on one of his more profitabel routes.
3) Propose some Tune Money financing packages.
4) Propose and sell a Goholiday package.
5) Plan a creative F1 hospitality event - the most innovative wins
6) Launch a hot new band's single
7) Launch a new logo for Air Asia X
8) Catch Firefly contest (at Kampung Kuantan, where else) - the most captured wins...

and the list goes on.

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85% of Malaysian businesses have women in senior management

Malaysia has shown some surprising results in a survey released by Grant Thornton indicating that 85% of its businesses employ women in senior management positions.
Our results eclipse those of our more progressive southern neighbours, where only 65% do so.
However, when it comes to the total percentage of women employed in senior management, we are rather more average with just a mediocre 23% score which exactly matches the NAFTA average.
Hopefully this progressive state of affairs doesn't come to a grinding halt with the threat of increasing fundamentalism.
Also, Tourism Minister Adnan Mansor should reconsider his remarks again that "out of 10,000 unemployed bloggers, 8,000 are women." Ouch.
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Wednesday, March 14, 2007

IKEA moves into flat-pack houses

Judging by the large weekend crowds at IKEA, Malaysians appear to have eagerly embraced the Swedish furniture maker's vision of cheap and cheerful DIY home fittings.

Now, taking their 'flat-pack' vision to another level, IKEA has introduced the concept of flat-pack or pre-fabricated homes, marketed under the
BoKlok brand.

According to this Independent story, "the interiors of the timber-framed homes will be classic Ikea - modern, open plan, with wooden floors, fixed units, plus Ikea furniture packages."

And apparently though these houses are not aimed at the low-end of the market, their pre-fabricated form will result in significantly lower prices for first-time buyers.
Sounds like good news for many younger people in the UK who like their Malaysian counterparts, are increasingly finding themselves priced out of the property market.
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Wednesday, March 07, 2007

RED campaign seeing Red

Celcom has been actively promoting its MOTO[Red] campaign which is a part of rock star Bono's global drive against AIDS.

Do they know that so far it's been a total flop with only US$18 million sales off an estimated spend by sponsors such as Gap, Motorola and Apple of about US$100 million?

Though an honorable, philanthropic cause it probably means that it would have been better to tackle a charitable cause through donations rather than asking people to buy more stuff.

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