Monday, April 09, 2007

Top 10 Things your Boss hates about you

It's a universal fact that many of us hate our bosses but this UK researcher has unearthed that our bosses have the same feelings about us.

Here are the Top 10 in summary:

1. Lateness
2. Lack of initiative
3. Too much initiative
4. Bitching and whining
5. Disloyalty
6. Lack of passion. Or interest
7. Trying to be their best friend
8. Petty lying
9. Childishness
10. Wanting their job

I have my own Top 10 for What Malaysian Bosses Hate in their Employees

1. Too much initiative.
Do as you're told. Don't be too clever.

2. Wanting their job.
Better stick to your lowlife clerical job and have no ambition. I need to cari makan (make a living) too you know!

3. Being too honest.
Didn't I tell you not to declare the entire year's income! Hide them in some other expense item lah!

4. Bitching and whining about their bitching and whining.
Create your own gossip lah! Don't gossip on my behalf!

5. Lateness.
What Jam? You were supposed to start work 5 minutes ago!

6. Going home early.
You HAVE a family?

7. Punctuality.
The radio ad speaks for itself - "You still ON THE WAY ah?"

8. Being too demanding.
You need to apply for ANOTHER day of leave???

9. Not trying hard enough to be their friend.
Didn't you know it's lonely at the top?

10. Being too clever.
Similar to the 'too much initiative' part but only applies when you give intelligent answers that make them look bad.

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Thursday, April 05, 2007

Police, Political Parties & Customs seen as Top 3 Most Corrupt by local businesses

Much has been said about Transparency International's Corruption Index and how Malaysia appears to have started slowly sliding down the greased pole of this index from 39th spot in 2005 to no. 44 last year.
Further analysis shows that local businesses perceive the police to be most corrupt followed by Political Parties and Customs.
When oh when will Pak Lah finally let the axe fall on corruption in this country?
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Force local banks to merge, allow new foreign banks to set up shop

Now it's getting clear. The enforced merger of healthy but smaller local banking groups since 1999 were done for a purpose that is now painfully obvious - the opening up of foreign Islamic banks in this country.

With three major foreign Islamic banks already on our shores, we can see why Bank Negara had to remove profitable and innovative local banks like PhileoAllied and Southern Bank from the scene. Otherwise, the retail landscape might not have looked appealing enough for these foreign Islamic banks.

Saudi-based Al Rajhi, Kuwait Finance House and Qatar's Asia Finance Bank, have now set up shop in this country. At this juncture, it is not clear how warmly Malaysians have taken to these banks with their halal financial packages, but with branches in Chinese-majority areas like Cheras & Puchong, it leaves little doubt that they are after a less than halal market.

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